3DDA Students explore sustainability and environmental issues

Small Change Market, Image by Nicola Malkin
Small Change Market, Image by Nicola Malkin

Small Change, a project that challenged 3-Dimensional Design and Architecture Foundation students to explore sustainability and environmental issues. 

The students across the 3DDA pathways were challenged in a range of different ways. 

Product Design & Ceramics students were invited to design and make products that were functional and low cost, innovative and playful. All the products had to be easily produced in multiples and with a very small budget. The materials used had to be sustainable, recycled or up-cycled.

Jewellery, Footwear & Fashion Accessories students were invited to make a small change to the environment by raising awareness about an issue that concerns them. They created wearable objects that made political, social or environmental comment. Sustainable materials and methods were used in the production of all items of jewellery or fashion accessories.

Architecture & Spatial Design students developed architectural proposals for introducing nature into the city. Notions of sustainability were expanded beyond the sourcing of materials and recycling to include ideas such as sustainable communities, cradle-to-cradle thinking and emotionally durable design. Outcomes were presented as postcard size visualisations.

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