Beer Street and Gin Lane Performance

Beer Street and Gin Lane Performance

Taking inspiration from William Hogart’s prints of Beer Street and Gin Lane, 52 students from the Foundation Performance Design & Practice curriculum area, took over the Central Saint Martins Street with a live performance.

The culmination of a four-week project, students responded through set, costume, prosthetics and performance, looking into the mid 18th century and at the role of satire.

Before the audience each part of the Beer Street print turned to elements of Gin Lane. A jug turned into a puppet, a wall into the character of a butcher. 

Beer Street and Gin Lane Performance

This project was a part of the UAL wide Waste-Off challenge, which invited students, academic and technical staff to collaborate, collect material waste, re-purpose them and share their inventions. All the work created as part of this performance was made from recycled materials with consideration given to sustainability and longevity.

Some of the work shown in the performance will also be recycled into a moving performance area for the Foundation Final Exhibition, 14-16 May 2015.


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