'Blue World' Film Still

With the Foundation Show next week, we spoke to Foundation Fine Art Painting student Laila Majid about how she has been working towards the show and her experiences on the Foundation course at Central Saint Martins.

Tell us about your practice.

Laila: Recently, I have become interested in applying transformative processes to found objects and images, such as filming, photographing and documenting, in order to recontextualise a found object. I am also interested in the ways in which these process can render found objects alien, distorted and unfamiliar.

How are you and your fellow students feeling about the Foundation show?

Laila: I am looking forward to the exhibition. It is a very exciting opportunity to be able to participate in an exhibition in Central London at Central Saint Martins along with my fellow students.

I think that many of us feel excitement, anticipation and nervousness. The process of preparing for the show is also rewarding because we can see each other’s work developing and coming together in the context of the exhibition.

How have you been building up to the Foundation Show?

Laila: Recently, I have been working on and developing a film for the show. It is the busiest and most intense time during the academic year, so there is always something to be doing. Whether you are working on a final piece, helping someone else install their work or indeed installing your own work.

How does the Foundation show differ from others you’ve worked on so far?

Laila: Hanging the work for the show was a completely new experience for me, as this is the first exhibition that I have participated in.

Why did you choose to study Foundation at Central Saint Martins?

Laila: I chose to study the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at CSM as I felt it was necessary to do this course in order to discover interests and to prepare for my application to BA courses. I also enjoy the energetic and creative environment that CSM has to offer, along with the fantastic facilities and workshops.

How have you developed your work while on the Foundation course?

Laila: The course has been a process of discovery through which I was able to develop interests in moving image and photography. Throughout the course, we were encouraged to take risks and constantly push our ideas further, which had a big impact on my work. While on the Foundation, I discovered new ways of researching and working which also affected the ways in which I make work.

What were your highlights on Foundation course and why would you recommend it?

Laila: I really enjoyed the final project on Foundation as it was during this time when I slowly began to discover areas of interest. Furthermore, all the valuable lessons that I learned over the course of the Foundation came together during this final project, I can see all the progress I have made during this course in this project.

What curriculum area did you study on during your Foundation?

Laila: I began on the Foundation as a diagnostic student and then specialised into the Fine Art Painting pathway.

How would you describe the Foundation Course?

Laila: The Foundation is very intense and fast-paced, and every day is different and presents new challenges.

Did you get involved with industry or exhibitions?

Laila: In March 2015, I made a film that was exhibited in Strangelove, a moving image festival at Central Saint Martins.

What advice would you give a Foundation student starting the course?

Laila: Never shy away from making mistakes, solving problems and taking risks.

What are your post-show plans?

Laila: In September, I will continue my studies on the BA Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

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