Bubu challenged CSM Foundation Fine Art students to re-imagine the book

Mireille and Hans Burkhardt from Swiss bookbinder BUBU challenged Central Saint Martins Foundation Fine Art students to re-imagine the concept of the book. After one month of research and development eight students presented their ideas to Mireille and Hans in an exhibition as part of the Foundation Show.

Mireille and Hans were so impressed by the scope of their ideas that after much deliberation, two winners were chosen for different prizes.

Tom Hardwick-Allan’s Spy Book will by prototyped by BUBU in their Zurich factory and will then be produced in a limited edition as Bubu’s annual New Year Book.

Hans was so taken with the concept of Ruben Green’s Amplified Book, that he offered to showcase and develop the idea as part of future special events. If fact, Hans took the book straight out of the exhibition and returned to Switzerland with it to use as part of a conference.

Tom and Ruben will both travel to Switzerland later this year for a tour of the production halls and the Bindorama creative library as well as be involved in further opportunities with BUBU.

More information:
– Bubu’s New Year Books
– Foundation: Fine art page


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