CSM FOUNDATION onehundredandtwenty x Åbäke and Prem Krishnamurthy

onehundredandtwenty is an ongoing project initiated by Lucy Alexander, Curriculum Leader of Graphic & Communication Design and Tim Meara, Curriculum Coordinator of Graphic & Communication Design.  Through a series of conversations with practitioners, Lucy and Tim identify propositions for collective works to be enacted by 120 people.

In November, transdisciplinary design studio Åbäke and Prem Krishnamurthy, delivered a one-day workshop with Central Saint Martins Foundation Graphic Communication Design students. 

The workshop was based around Charles Eames and George Nelson’s 1953 lecture ‘A Rough Sketch for a Hypothetical Course’ in which they proposed a sample imaginary course, which aimed to decompartmentalise the curriculum.

Over the course of the day, the students reimagined the 11 image panels that formed the basis of the original lecture. In addition to only having the one existing low quality photographic document to work from, the students were also banned from using search engines to carry out their research. In order to decipher, reinterpret and reconstruct the panels, the students instead made use of the Central Saint Martins library, accessed experts via twitter and communicated across the world via social media.