Small Change Fair 2016!

Small Change is an annual pop-up exhibition and sale of work from 3-Dimensional Design and Architecture Foundation students at Central Saint Martins. From home ware to postcards to jewellery, student sold a wide range of unique products addressing sustainability and environmental issues in 3-Dimensional Design and Architecture. 

‘The third annual ‘Small Change’ fair was a huge success featuring products that were functional and decorative, innovative and playful, elegant and original, yet low in price. This year the fair was held for the first time in a public space, The Crossing at KX. Extensive publicity meant that it was well visited by people from outside the university. The feedback from the general public was fantastic. Visitors showed great interest in hearing about the background of the project and students were explaining their concept ideas with much enthusiasm. Opening the project to a public audience allowed the students to test their work in the real world.’  – Karla Newell, 3DDA Curriculum Leader

‘For most of the students, this was their first real experience dealing directly with a customer interested in their designs and ideas, this proved an invaluable and enlightening opportunity: developing their discussion and verbal presentation skills. It really is an amazing experience both as a student and as a tutor to take part in the Small Change Fair, it’s a fantastic day watching the confidence of many students grow. There is a ‘buzz’ on the day shared by both students and staff.’ – Kathleen Hills, 3DDA Curriculum Coordinator