CSM Foundation Fashion & Textiles students redesign the lanyard

If you have to wear it, wear it well.

CSM Foundation Fashion and Textiles students were challenged to redesign the lanyard, an inherently undesirable and function led object, into something enjoyable to wear, or not.

Many institutes, brands, companies and services now require employees to have an

identity card with them at all times. As a result, a branded lanyard has become a compulsory accessory but is usually worn reluctantly.

Students were invited transform the lanyard through design, attempting to make it a functional and desirable body adornment. The only constraint was that the final design had to retain is core function, in that is must go around the neck and hold an identity card. The resulting designs were exciting and unexpected.

‘This was the students first real experience of the power and relevance of design. If they could make objects desirable or turn negatives into positives, then their creative skills could have an impact on all of us and our society in the future.’ – Oonagh O’Hagan, Curriculum Leader, Fashion and Textiles, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.