Foundation: Samuel Georges

Our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is divided into four curriculum areas: 3-Dimensional Design and Architecture; Fashion and Textiles; Fine Art and Graphic Communication Design. Each of these areas is divided into pathways. Samuel Georges has spent the last academic year studying Product Design and Ceramics, which sits in 3-Dimensional Design and Architecture. Here he tells us about his final project, in which he has created a multipurpose, educational toy for deaf children. Continue reading


Foundation Show 2017: Tahira Mahmood

Tahira Mahmood, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (3-Dimensional Design and Architecture curriculum area), talks about liminal space and the ideas behind her final project ‘The Art of the In-between’ ahead of this year’s Foundation Show (11 – 13 May 2017).

Foundation: from Ofsted’s “Outstanding” to Outer Space

As the Foundation Show is about to open, we take a moment to celebrate a stellar year for the course.

The College is about to open the door on the Foundation Show sharing the work of this year’s Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students. A stepping stone from school to undergraduate study, the one-year course is key in giving young artists and designers the time and experience to define their futures. That means a lot of events and projects crammed into one busy year and this year has been no different from the cross-Channel collaboration with Paris College of Art to an eccentric interstellar four-day residency in the Futuro House on the roof of the College.

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