Foundation: Paolina Stefani

Our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is divided into four curriculum areas: 3-Dimensional Design and Architecture; Fashion and Textiles; Fine Art and Graphic Communication Design. Each of these areas is divided into pathways. Here, Graphic Design student Paolina Stefani tells us about preparing for the Foundation show and her site-specific project which will be on view in the Lethaby Gallery between 3 and 5 May 2018.   Continue reading


Foundation: from Ofsted’s “Outstanding” to Outer Space

As the Foundation Show is about to open, we take a moment to celebrate a stellar year for the course.

The College is about to open the door on the Foundation Show sharing the work of this year’s Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students. A stepping stone from school to undergraduate study, the one-year course is key in giving young artists and designers the time and experience to define their futures. That means a lot of events and projects crammed into one busy year and this year has been no different from the cross-Channel collaboration with Paris College of Art to an eccentric interstellar four-day residency in the Futuro House on the roof of the College.

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